Friday, June 5, 2009

Robert Pattinson Has a New Sweetheart! (On Film)

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has a new sweetheart! At least on film. And she’s nothing like Kristen Stewart, 19, who plays Rob's eternal love on-screen as Bella Swan -- and, some say, off-screen, too.
Summit Entertainment, the studio that produced “Twilight” and sequel “New Moon” is pairing up Rob, 23, with Emilie de Ravin, 28, in the drama “Remember Me.” The petite blond will play his on-screen girlfriend. Can she create the same chemistry as Kristen?
At first glance, Emilie and Kristen seem to be very different. Emilie, at 28, is almost 10 years older. Kristen just turned 19. Kristen is also a rave-haired brunette, and a California girl through and through.
Emilie was born and raised in Australia, which is even more laid back the Cali. Like Kristen, she is also short, at 5'2" tall, and considers herself a "homebody." That means she and the retiring Rob should have compatible personalities.
So will Emilie capture Rob's fancy like Kristen has? That remains to be seen, but she will have a chance in "Remember Me" to generate the same on-screen chemistry that made Rob and Kristen enduring symbols of eternal love in "Twilight."
The movie is about a young man (Rob) who must deal with the impact of his brother's suicide, which has caused his parents to split up. Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin, are slated to play his mother and father.

Rob’s character feels isolated and adrift by the family breakup until he meets De Ravin’s character. She will play a young woman who witnesses her mother getting killed and does just the opposite. She seizes life to its fullest, and therein lies the potential chemstry.
Chris Cooper is being courted to play her father and Allen Coulter will direct, according to Hollywood trade Variety.
Production begins in New York on June 15, and Rob landed in the Big Apple on Monday (June 1), fresh off his appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, to get ready for filming.
Rob was greeted at New York's JFK Airport by a throng of fans and paparazzi. He was dressed in his trademark black jacket and blue jeans. He looked in total Twilight form as he made his way through the terminal.
Police spirited him through the lobby, but he still paused to sign autographs.
“Remember Me” will be shot in New York City, and the filming schedule will be pretty hectic. Once Pattinson wraps up, he’ll go back to Canada almost immediately to film the next movie in the Twilight saga, “Eclipse.”
As for Emilie, she grew up in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia. When she was 15, she was accepted at the highly selective Australian Ballet School in Melbourne. But she dropped out and switched to acting courses, according to an online biography.
In addition to “Remember Me,” she's joined the voice cast for the Warner Bros. 'toon “Guardians of Ga’Hoole.” She’s also set to appear in indie flick “The Chameleon,” written and directed by Jean-Paul Salome. The cast includes Famke Janssen and Ellen Barkin.
The sultry blonde actress is probably best known for her role as Claire on the ABC series, “Lost.” She is reported to be returning to the show as a full-time series regular for the final season.
The petite blonde debuted in the 1999 film “The Beastmaster” and landed on the WB sci-fi series “Roswell.” She played a pregnant alien.
“Lost” was her big break, again playing preggers as a crash survivor. She left after the 2008 season but will be back, if Rob’s star power doesn’t launch her into the twilight.

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